Sunday, September 7, 2008

Change is inevitable

Well, you can see from the pictures, fall is on its way. While many of the trees haven't turned yet, the color is starting to show and in no time it will have arrived in all its glory. I personally love fall; the crisp air, warm sun, changing colors. The changing seasons are one of the many wonderful things about living here in the mountains.
Like the seasons, life is full of changes, many of which we have no control over. Rather than wish that we could control the change in our life, why don't we accept that change as inevitable like the changing seasons? I think in part we try to avoid change because it makes us approach the boundries of what is comfortable, familiar and let's face it, safe.
I myself, and many people I've known, have struggled with changing jobs when we admittedly were unhappy in the job we were in. And yet, embracing something new can be so much harder than living with something known, even when we know it not be to good. Positive thinking challenges us to believe that something new, can in fact be better. We need to remind ourselves that we are strong enough to face the unknown, and that God wants good things for us and will be right there with us, weathering the change.
Is there a change you are fearing? Are you staying safe, but missing the joy of the new and unexperienced? Let go. Move on. Try it. I bet you'll find, you like it!

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