Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Change is inevitable

Well, you can see from the pictures, fall is on its way. While many of the trees haven't turned yet, the color is starting to show and in no time it will have arrived in all its glory. I personally love fall; the crisp air, warm sun, changing colors. The changing seasons are one of the many wonderful things about living here in the mountains.
Like the seasons, life is full of changes, many of which we have no control over. Rather than wish that we could control the change in our life, why don't we accept that change as inevitable like the changing seasons? I think in part we try to avoid change because it makes us approach the boundries of what is comfortable, familiar and let's face it, safe.
I myself, and many people I've known, have struggled with changing jobs when we admittedly were unhappy in the job we were in. And yet, embracing something new can be so much harder than living with something known, even when we know it not be to good. Positive thinking challenges us to believe that something new, can in fact be better. We need to remind ourselves that we are strong enough to face the unknown, and that God wants good things for us and will be right there with us, weathering the change.
Is there a change you are fearing? Are you staying safe, but missing the joy of the new and unexperienced? Let go. Move on. Try it. I bet you'll find, you like it!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Toast to Summer

Today marks the end of summer. It was a glorious summer day today and one that reminded me of everything I love about summer. We started our day lazy and slept in. (I had a crazy nail polish accident that involved dropping a basket of nail polish in the bathroom, two of which broke, splattering electric pink and red nail polish all over the tile floor. That slowed our morning down considerably.) After lunch we headed to Lake Clear Beach. Locals know this is the place to go to spend the day at the lake. As you can see the beach is long and the lake is gorgeous. The water is everything you'd expect from a refreshing Adirondack swim.
We napped in the sun. (And yes there was snoring...) When we were nice and toasty like a well roasted marshmellow, we headed back into town, but not before stopping at Donnelly's for ice cream. If you don't know, Donnelly's is a local landmark of sorts. Since forever, they have sold only one option a day of soft serve ice cream. Most days it is chocolate and vanilla twist. There are a few fruit days where the flavor would be raspberry and vanilla twist or some similar fruit flavor, or the favorite in our house; nut day. This could be pistachio and vanilla or maple walnut and vanilla or even coffee and vanilla. The flavor of the day is always twisted with vanilla. This ice cream has the highest fat content on the planet and is truly the creamiest ice cream you will ever eat. For me, that is actually not a desirable quality, but since today's flavor was pistachio, I was happy to indulge in a "two tone cone" to celebrate the end of summer.
If you are wondering why I am holding a green shirt out the window, that was a little fun I was having drying Carol's shirt that got wet at the beach. We came home and had a wonderful dinner of pork tenderloin and potatoes cooked on the grill with corn on the cob. We ate outside and enjoyed the perfect summer night. Summer hasn't been full of perfect days like this one. It was a delicious treat to have one last day to enjoy all those things that make summer so sweet.