Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Free to soar!

Today I got the opportunity to tell a piece of my story.  I was reminded of how this blog was a venue for me to express what was happening on my journey.  I was learning and needed some place to process what I was thinking about, share my new found understanding, and make permanent what I needed to keep reminding myself - that I could change my life by changing my thoughts about my life.  I am still learning and growing, but I feel free now in a way I didn't back then.  I am so grateful for this journey and know without question, that all the experiences I have had up until this point were necessary for me to be where I am - where I need to be.  There were not mistakes or bad decisions.  They were the decisions that led to this moment.  It is.  There are no right or wrong decisions.  There is only what you do and what you don't do.  Either way leads you to the next moment, the next decision, and it all leads to NOW.  Now is all there ever is.