Monday, February 7, 2011


af-fir-ma-tion - "the assertion that something exists or is true". We often think of this as standing in front of the mirror every morning and repeating some innane statement of self worth or importance, that sounds about as sincere as a used car salesman. Sadly this has given the very valuable and important practice of surrounding ourselves with positive messages that reinforce and strengthen our resolve to be our best selves, a really bad rep. I am all about meaningful affirmation. I am not all about some artificial mantra such as, "I am awesome. I love me. I am the best me you'll ever see. I am smart. I have a heart. Loving all God's creatures is my special art." Perhaps someone would find that effective at creating a positive and confident perspective. It would not inspire me.

I want to be reminded of my commonality with others. I want to be reminded of my gifts and blessings. I want to be reminded that I am in control of my thoughts and actions. I want to hear adjectives that make we want to be the person that would be described like that.








Warm hearted


I want words that remind me of what I already know:

"I choose to see the light in others and remember that we are all the same. My light is a gift that I can freely give."

"I can decide to let go or hold on. In letting go I am free to reach out to God."

"My path can never take a wrong turn. Each step brings me to the place I can learn the most from; where I am."

Favorite Affirmation: "You yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection" ~ Buddha

I want to teach others to create affirmations that support, encourage, inspire and sustain them along the journey to true self-love. I intend to become an affirmation coach, create affirmation products and host affirmation celebrations.

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